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Garden Lighting: have you considered? (Part 1)

by Rosara Outdoor Style |

With the summer quickly transitioning into autumn, how can you make use of your garden and make it look beautiful through the remaining months of the year? It's of course, specific and beautiful outdoor lighting. In this 2 part blog series, we investigate different areas you may not have considered when thinking of your outdoor lighting.


Man is lighting up planet earth at an alarming rate giving huge issues for wildlife. Our ethos is in the Richard Kelly approach, finding that the real power in lighting comes from subtle, low levels of light, carefully placed to find emphasis in the key features of your garden, creating a low wattage and more eco-friendly solution to your problems. The most important thing with our ethos is to understand the function of each fitting. 


Ambient Luminescence – Natural Light

“…the uninterrupted light of a snowy morning in the open country.”

This is an ambient light that produces shadow-less illumination. It's the lighting often used in ceilings and strips of lighting that reduces the bulk of light and its form. See image above where this concept is used successfully at Garsington Opera.


Focal Glow – Direction of Space

"...the shaft of sunshine that warms the end of the valley. It is candlelight on the face, and a flashlight on a stair."

This is type of lighting is used to emphasis the often hidden and most beautiful parts of the garden. This directional light can be used for beauty or function by creating lighting for a pathway or route increasing beauty and safety. It helps bring attention, taking away the less beautiful parts and highlight the most stunning, helping to pull together the most diverse bit of the garden.


Play of Brilliance – Spotlights

“It is sunlight on a fountain or a rippling brook. It is a cache of diamond in an opened cave.”

This is the decorative lights worth looking at in their own right. Used as a feature piece, or even inspiration for a colour palette, it needs no special attention, it shines by itself.


It is important to think about the different parts of your garden and use a combination of these light types to suit you. Our managing director Liz, with over 20 years in landscape design, suggests that schemes can be more simple and by result become more effective, but only when properly designed. If you like the Rosara lighting range or you would like support in lighting design that responds to your needs, give us a call on 01869 340 350 or contact us here


Our Lighting - Rosara Oak Post Light & Rosara Beckley Lantern
Written By:
Tina James - Garden Designer (MBALI)
Tina James - Garden Designer (MBALI)

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