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Lighting Your Garden in the Long winter months

by Chris Ash |

Lighting Your Garden in the Long winter months

Winter really feels like it’s here. The excitement of Christmas is firmly over and it seems there is very little to be excited about on these dark, cold nights. It is in this period that it becomes very easy to neglect your garden and forget that in a few short months it will begin to spring to life again. A thoughtfully lit garden can extend your enjoyment – even if it is simply a view from the warmth of your hearth.
We asked our Landscape Designer Tina James for a little advice and she was kind enough to shine a light (sorry!) on some of the do’s and don’ts of lighting your garden.


How is it best to use lighting in your garden?

Subtley! Gardens are generally very dark and a little light goes along way. Warm white light is best as it is gentle on the eye. If you have large areas of glass, these just reflect black at night, subtle exterior lighting relieves this and gives a depth of field to your vision helping interiors feel more spacious and less oppressive.


How important is light position?

Light position is important, better to wash light down rather than to direct a light up into the air which almost always gives uncomfortable eye glare. Try to place the fitting with its back to the area it is mostly viewed from to direct the light away from the viewer to eliminate eye glare. Also, it is less disturbing to any nocturnal creatures such as bats if you are lucky enough to have them. You want to see the light, not the fitting, so discreet fittings are best. Rosara have carefully designed a weathered bronze finish that blends with the garden. In-ground uplighters are avoided by the Nicholsons design team as they nearly always miss their mark …unless you have a helicopter coming in to land!

 The Rosara spot light is a more flexible, directional, versatile light greater range of options and has an anti-glare shield. You can direct it down to wash light over paths and patios, or direct it to wash light over a tree canopy and as it is warm white and only 3 watts you are not going to disturb bats etc.


How can you stay environmental with all of this?
At Rosara, we are driven by protecting our wider natural environment and so our motto is “just enough” when  it comes to lighting. You can light an entire garden with as little as 10 watts with today’s LED fittings, but design is crucial – so do give us a call to support you in your scheme.


Thanks Tina, that was some great advice. As mentioned, Rosara does offer a lot of lighting options so check out our full range here. As you would expect, when you combine electricity and the outside elements, things can get quite dangerous. This makes outside lighting that little bit more tricky. We have further details on what you need in our care instructions page, which can be found here


Written By Chris Ash & Tina James

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