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Scandinavian Style & its Origins

by Rosara Outdoor Style |

Travelling to Copenhagen in October allowed me to experience my first taste of true Scandinavian style. The simple structures, clean lines and pastel shades create a calming and refreshing atmosphere; allowing you to enjoy the tasteful designs. Walking from the airport to our apartment we travelled through busy streets with laughter coming out of every doorway; bittersweet smells of coffee filling the air. Denmark is a country of style, coffee shops and bars – a welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike.

Tempted by the smells of coffee and freshly baked Danish pastries, we allowed ourselves to be drawn into the warm, busy cafes. Walking through the door, we entered a world that was welcoming, trendy and utterly elegant. Friendly smiles greeted us, beautifully roasted coffee was brought and we settled ourselves into the cream chairs around a tiny wooden table.

Soaking up the atmosphere I stopped to reflect on my surroundings. The absence of chaotic colour and multiple textures in the furniture created a peaceful ambience. With no distractions (other than the glorious coffee!) I was able to enjoy the simplicity, and yet flawless craftsmanship, of the Scandinavian style. The majority of walls are painted a clean white, allowing the presence of light to maximise in a room; Scandinavian countries are plagued with long, cold months and so this practical approach seemed to emphasise and enhance all of the available space.

I noticed that the natural textures incorporated into the Scandinavian style seemed to reflect the mountainous Nordic landscape, a factor which has reflected across all Scandinavian countries and is now found at the heart of Scandinavian design. This is can be seen in the qualities of durability and reliability that embody it, the clean lines are a mere reflection of this minimalist approach.

This understated elegance has inspired us here at Rosara to introduce a new line of furniture, the Scandinavian-inspired range. Keen to bring a sense of ‘hygge’ to our own country, we have developed products that will bring a peaceful warmth to your home. The concept that we must preserve our ‘well-being’ (the essence of ‘hygge’) has allowed us to embrace organic materials and natural patterns; celebrating neutral colours and knitted throws, with the occasional burst of colour for inspiration.

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