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The Art of Giving

by Rosara Outdoor Style |

Where did gift-giving come from?

This long-standing tradition dates back to the beginning of civilisation where gifts were used to express affection and appreciation. Ancient Egyptians led the way to expensive gifts such as jewellery and money – these gifts were given within royal circles and to the Pharaoh. The Greeks then developed some of the traditions we hold today, such as giving birthday presents and lighting candles to send wishes to the Gods. At the start of the Middle Ages, the focus on gift-giving shifted from birthdays to every major holiday or excuse to give gifts. Books and manuscripts became a common gift, and romantic gifts became more and more creative, such as the performance of love songs.

What has determined gift-giving traditions?

Looking at different cultures in the modern day, we can see some emerging traditions. For example, Chinese New Year gifts are always wrapped in red as this colour is associated with wealth and prosperity. In Italy, the groom’s tie is cut into pieces after his wedding and guests purchase these pieces instead of just giving the couple money. In Russia, not only do the birthday boy / girl get a present, but so do the rest of the birthday party, meaning that everyone is excited for their birthday too. In the Middle East, gifting is frequent and all holidays and occasions are an excuse for gift-giving to everyone, often edible delicacies.

A Christmas Tree - inside our plant centre

But why do we actually give gifts?

Having looked at different historical and cultural tendencies to gift-giving, it is clear that giving gifts is a tradition that spans centuries. We get a sense of satisfaction when we give gifts as we believe that the other person will benefit from this gift. This feel-good feeling can often be as rewarding as receiving a gift in the first place!

What do we consider when buying gifts?

It is becoming increasingly common for people to care more about the origins of their purchases. We tend to buy more eco-friendly products and shopping locally has had a resurgence. We believe that this is due to an increasing awareness of environmental issues and a desire to buy more unique gifts.

The festive season

The Christmas season at Nicholsons and Rosara is focussed on high-quality gifts and experiences. Our Christmas shop and showroom features handcrafted ROSARA furniture and gifts, and The Oxford Christmas Company 2019 decoration and accessories range. Choose your Christmas tree and The Oxford Christmas Company will deliver it for you on a date of your choosing. As the time quickly slips by and Christmas day approaches, do not worry – Rosara has you covered.

A Kadai at night

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