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Top 5 things to entertain the kids this summer

by Rosara Outdoor Style |

Summer is here at Rosara and you know what that means… Yes, it is time for the school holidays! Keeping little ones entertained can become more and more tricky as the weeks go on, so we have compiled Rosara’s top tips for family fun;

Blenheim Palace 1. Blenheim Palace (Chris’s top pick)

This famous palace is so close to us you can almost touch it... Blenheim is the perfect location for a family day out, with its stunning landscape and equally interesting history. The palace often hosts events or exhibitions, so even if you have been before, it’s worth keeping an eye on their website for upcoming days of interest.


    2. Little Acorns & The Yurt (everyone’s top pick)

    Now, we aren’t just saying this because we want you to come to see us…! Recently, Nicholsons has introduced some interesting activities to keep the kids busy with an aim to educate the younger years of the importance and wonder of Mother Nature. With 9 stations already positioned around the Plant Centre, a visit to Nicholsons now has something for children of all ages.

    Little Acorns in the Yurt

    3.  Cotswold Farm Park (Jess’s Top Pick)

    The Cotswold Farm Park was originally set up to show rare breeds of farm animals from over 50 different species. Cotswold aspires to make farming exciting for children and educate them as to the importance of agriculture, rare breeds and conservation. Head over to Cotswold Farm Park for activities like petting zoos, tractor rides and their great playground.



    4.  C.S. Lewis Nature Reserve

    This nature reserve is named after the famous author C.S. Lewis, who was said to walk around these areas when writing the Narnia books, such as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The peace and quiet of this woodland is surprising considering its location near the A40. There is a large pond full of aquatic flora and fauna and some beautiful nature trails to walk across the 3-hectare site. The combination of its great location, the literary associations and the wildlife found there makes this nature reserve the perfect family day out.

    Cotswold Farm Park

    5. Waddesdon Manor (Sarah’s Top Pick)

    Waddesdon Manor is an exceedingly beautiful manor house a little further away than the other 4 choices, however, trust us, it is well worth the drive. It was Built-in the 19th century by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to hold his art collections and entertain guests – you heard that right, a whole manor house just for art. Since then it has been passed to the Rothschild foundation who run a whole host of family-friendly events throughout the summer. Waddesdon has a lot of other features like the Bird Aviary, featuring lots of rare and endangered birds, stables, a winery, RIBH house of the year and much more. Despite the longer drive, this manor has plenty to see and do and plenty of educating and learning for the kids.

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