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A Celebration of Love, Family and Friendship

It's all in a name. Our brand, Rosara, takes its name from Liz and Niel’s daughters, Ro and Clara. Rosara reminds us of family: gardens are places where relationships are nurtured and they should be filled with love, laughter and joy.


It is against this backdrop, fuelled by our passion for garden style, that Rosara was created.


We believe that when we make our outdoor space more beautiful, we will want to spend more time in our garden.


We live in a country with changeable weather and many of us find reasons not to venture out or spend time building different spaces for different moments. In the UK, the interiors industry is vast with lots of offers but who does style in the garden well? Lots of companies design gardens, our parent company included, but whilst we have designed hundreds of gardens since we started twenty years ago, we have always struggled to readily source stylish accessories and furniture.


Rosara's purpose? To be a completely new concept in garden decor, offering stylish outdoor ideas to you - not in a one-stop shop kind of way but as part of a guided catalogue - a selection of beautiful pieces to complement your home.


Liz Nicholson, Managing Director

Liz is passionate about our customers and is very happy to see people wandering through the plants and sitting on the new range of furniture. Nicholsons is about an experience –  We are all keen to welcome customers and share our love for horticulture, outdoor living and food. A garden designer by day, Liz is always happy to consult with you and help you on your projects.

Millie Burt, Rosara Manager

Millie joined Nicholsons/Rosara in 2019 and is now our Rosara manager.

Millie enjoys working alongside the friendly Nicholsons design team to help the customers in choosing the perfect furniture for their gardens. She also loves being outside and has a passion for making both indoor and outdoor spaces beautiful. Always happy to help… you can find Millie’s smiling face at the desk at the entrance to the Plant Centre.

Favourite Rosara Furniture Range: The beautiful Bruern collection. The Bruern designed by Liz Nicholson is an elegant living set with a simple cross back and gentle curves. I would love to own a set of Bruern furniture as I think the simplicity and comfort allow you to enjoy your garden from a perfect viewing point.

Our Ethos

Integrity – our business is sound, honest and moral
Partnership – we enjoy working with clients to achieve the best results
Creativity – inventive and original ideas for every project
Efficiency – less fuss, more action
Enthusiasm – we love what we do
Positive approach – we think solutions not problems
Passion for our planet — we are all responsible

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers come from far and wide, but our dream has always been to support UK production.  We now have nine fabulous UK producers working with us on new product development, ranging from small artisans to more established suppliers.


In the UK, we have enjoyed working with our artisans to supply products that will be durable in the garden. Where possible, we have engaged with established UK suppliers who produce high-quality products that we love. 

Our Environment

We care deeply about the environment and work hard to balance out our impact on the planet. We heat our offices using a biomass boiler, power our electricity from solar panels on our warehouse roof, water our plants using harvested rainwater collected in our reservoir, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our practices right across the business.


In Rosara, we work with our suppliers to reduce packaging waste coming in to Nicholsons, and to increase the recycled and recyclable content of essential packaging. We are expanding our list of UK based suppliers and work directly with our craftsmen abroad to ensure fair and safe working conditions are being met when we have to source abroad.

Social Responsibility

What do we give back? At Rosara, we are passionate about a balanced world, both ecologically and economically. We believe that the way out of global poverty is through education... giving all an equal chance to improve their prospects. At home, we support schools in East Oxford which, rather surprisingly, have some of the greatest poverty challenges in Britain. We have built three education gardens in Blackbird Leys and one relaxing garden at the worthwhile charity Intovarsity. Most recently, we have planted a forest in Iffley School with the Berkeley Reforestation Trust, for as part of their Forest Schools education programme.

Overseas, we support the Mara Tree Nursery near Naroq in Kenya, hoping that through our endeavours, some of the trees lost to this vulnerable ecosystem will be replenished.

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