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Accessories Care Instructions

We have a number of different products under our Accessories heading. Here is a breakdown of how you properly care for your new and old products to keep them in tip-top shape.



Comes with a 10 year guarantee on the timber, 2 year on the locks. Made from Thermowood - which is pine, has been heat treated to kill the proteins. This also stops the wood misshaping, keeps it in a stable form. Drainage - we advise to use a small amount of pea shingle as part of the base for drainage.

Automatic window vent - they work on solar power only, made from aluminium, stainless steel and brass, 99% of their weight is recyclable material. When used properly, the auto-vents can help to maintain an environment favorable to plant growth without continuous use of earth resource. They are made to last. We would advise using a treatment on the wood annually for maintenance.


Needs tannilised soft wood posts to support - contact us if you would like a quote for fitting.


The LED lights clip on and off the inside of the canopy.There are 9 locking postitions with an easy push up mechanism. To weigh down the base, fill with water or sand


5 years warranty on the gas BBQ, but you will only be under our warranty if you purchase a barbecue cover, an extra cost of £99.00.

Large storage area behind 2 double-lined doors which doubles as a warming area. Retractable 1.5m power cord.

Fusion BBQ

5 years warranty as long as barbecue is protected with the cover we stock. Purchase the cover with an extra cost of £69.00.

Included with lid which can also be used as a wind shelter. 1x hinged chrome grill for easy reloading of charcoal. Barbecue can be used on or off the pedestal which can then be used as a table.

Furnace BBQ

2 years warranty on the gas BBQ, but you will only be under our warranty if you purchase a barbecue cover, an extra cost of £89.00.

3 independently controlled high performance burners, slender ergonomically designed taps with rotary ignition and a extra high hood for convection cooking.

Cube BBQ

2 years warranty on the Cube. Keep the underside of the barbecue clear of any obstructions when cooking.


All of our outdoor poufs, cushions and rugs are made using recycled PET. These are ultra-soft and pliable, UV treated for fade resistance and easy to maintain and clean. Our outdoor textiles can be scrubbed down with eco-friendly soap and a soft brush, rinse clean with fresh water and hang out to dry


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