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Rosara has a number of experienced staff who are able to come and and give you advice on how best to style your garden and interior

Expert Advice

With over 25 years of Garden Design Experience

No Sales Pitches
Advice is offered to best suit your outdoor space, and style it to match what you want.

Free With Orders over £1000
Amount refunded if ordered 3 months after visit

So what is this?

Our consultations are a great opportunity to get an outside perspective on what you are doing or want to do to come and give you some ideas on how to make the most of your outside space. Whether you are looking to completely re-do your entire outdoor furniture or you are just wanting to know what trends are happening in the world of exterior design, we can help you.

Meet our Consultants

Nadia Cheddi

Nadia is our Shop Manager and interior design expert. You only have to take one step into our shop to know she has style and great taste. Although an interior specialist, Nadia worked alongside Jess in picking and selling outdoor furniture and knows a thing or too about styling both your inside and outside.

Jess Bradley

Jess is our Rosara manager who hand picks all of our Outdoor Furniture. Jess has an outstanding ability to not only spot trends but be one of the first to find them. With an exceptional eye for quality products and amazing customer service, Jess has all of your outdoor styling in hand.

Liz Nicholson

Liz is our managing director and has been building gardens for the past 25 years. As an industry innovator, RHS judge and style guru, Liz can help anyone make the most of their garden.

Due to Liz's role as managing director she has limited booking times and comes at a higher price.

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